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Category Superpower: Why Your Greatest Strength Depends On Making A Difference For Others

The “No-Sell” Sell: A Counterintuitive Approach To Make Customers Come To You, Instead of Chasing After Them

The Annual Strategy Planning Trap: How To Stop Fighting Over Budget And Start Focusing On Category Dominance

The Value Of Your Value: How To Elevate Your Pricing And Move From Hourly Wages To Outcome-Based Wealth

The Power of Outcomes: How to Generate High-Impact Outcomes That Create Enduring Value For Your Company And Yourself

Where Is Consumer Spending Heading?

How To Reframe The Problem & Win: The Art Of Reimagining Existing Obvious Problems To Create New, Non-Obvious Solutions

Solving for Churn: How Non-Obvious Bundles and Business Models Reduce Churn, Without Relying On Price

Is Twitter's Rebrand to X a Category Design Play?

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How to Differentiate the Old vs New Category, Without Comparing

Radical Resilience: How To Be Mission-Driven When The Odds Are Against You

Why Do So Few Companies Category Design Markets?

Open Letter From Pirate Cole: On To Another Chapter!

How Important Is Framing, Naming, and Claiming A Problem?

You're Invited: How to Frame, Name, & Claim a Category FREE Webinar

The Marketing Funnel Funeral: How To Replace Dusty Funnels With Dynamic Flywheels That Attract, Engage, And Retain Superconsumers

Should My Category Name Be Relevant And Relatable?

Do I Keep My Category A Secret Pre-Lightning Strike?

Simplicity Is Velocity: Why Less Wins When Designing Your Category, Your Products, And Your Languaging

How AI Is Impacting Content Creation & Category Kings

How Twitter Is Redefining The Social Media Category

Sizing The Category Prize: How To Run A Size Of Prize Analysis To Understand Your Category’s True Potential

The 3 Marketing Metrics To Rule Them All [Part 3]: How To Attract Investor Interest, Drive Market Capitalization, And Claim Your Place As Category King

The 3 Marketing Metrics To Rule Them All [Part 2]: How To Market Category Potential, Whether You Are Creating A New Category Or Redesigning A Legacy One

The Category Science Of Category Pirates: A Below-Deck Look At The Weird Data That Drives Our Decisions And Path Forward

The 3 Marketing Metrics To Rule Them All [Part 1]: How To Prioritize What Matters, Produce Revenue-Generating Results, And Skyrocket To Category Success

Eric Yuan: The Rise Of Zoom

Ron Friedman, PhD: Decoding Greatness To Turbocharge Your Life

A Beginner's Guide To Category Design: How To Create A Category For Yourself And Your Business

Sarah Fay, PhD: How To Improve Your Mental Health

Category Design 101: End Of Year 2022 Q&A

Category Design Tip: When You Can’t Create Net-New Demand, DAM The Demand