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have you guys got a list of questions that we can ask superconsumers to inform our strategy?

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What, so what, now what.

1. Look for the weird data (e.g., high sales per person, price per unit, sales per capita, seasonality)

2. Ask "why" 7x about the weird data.

3. Write down all the rational, emotional and life aspirational reasons/benefits behind the weird data.

4. If it feels superficial, keep asking why until you get to a 1st principles insight

5. Take the insight, translate it into something you would do different and look for a reaction that is "I would pay 10x more for that!"

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This is a little OT, but if American Dad’s Roger Smith was a pirate, would Klaus Heisler be the parrot

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Really interesting! Question: Can this idea apply to writers as well? For instance, can writers on a niche topic newsletter/book identify who will value the information the most, and be willing to pay for it? Product design in this context can also refer to originality of content, delivery and style. Just curious if this idea extends beyond a typical product-based enterprise.

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