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Really enjoyed this peak behind the curtain of Category Pirates! Of the dozens of newsletters I subscribe to, this one has provided the most valuable, actionable, and thoughtful writing.

Im coming up on my annual renewal soon, but was hesitant to renew. I wasn't sure if the same value would be there for me since I now feel comfortable with the fundamentals of category science, having successfully created my own category!

But after seeing the direction you're sailing in, I'll strongly consider staying aboard if my budget allows. Thanks Pirates!

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Thanks, Keith! We always appreciate your thoughtful comments and questions. And now that you know the fundamentals and are on a roll with your category, it's all about becoming the Category King.

We realize there are other pirates like you out there, so we're working to create content about those next-level topics. (We have two mini-books coming soon about skyrocketing your category potential and market cap.) Stay tuned!

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That's great news! I'll be looking out for those next books!

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I remember the summary posts of mini books, I thought it might of just been me that didn't care for them.

I love the thought of two epic posts a month. Give me something to chew on and apply, one thing I might suggest/add Lochhead occasionally reading the posts on his podcast is freaking amazing. An audio version for subscribers with a private Spotify listening link like Pirate Cole does for Ship 30 does might be an epic move, just a thought.

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You can listen to audio via substack of this post, but boy the AI voice is hard to listen to. I do wish there was a in-house, audio or video of this post.

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