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Love this!

How do you even begin to tackle figuring out WHAT data and where to get it to figure out and find your super consumers?

I'm beginning to work with an emerging medtech company (an industry ridden with bad or NO marketing), and trying to figure out where to even begin to get the data to figure out where's the weird.

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Great question! It all starts with finding your Super-Geos (areas of extreme demand density).

For example, most companies have sales data by geography. They can see that they sell more in zipcode A vs. zipcode B. What they often fail to do is normalize the data by converting it into a per capita metric. You can then take other per capita metrics (Super of 1 = Super of 9) and see what weirdness you can find.

To find your Super-Geos, scroll to the bottom of our Category Science 101 mini-book for a detailed 10-step playbook: https://categorypirates.substack.com/p/category-science-101-how-to-use-the

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You guys rock, soaking up all this killer insight then BOOM, Iā€™m laughing my ass off and forgot what I was doing....amp dials at 11 video, funny shit! Your illustrations take your writing to another level.

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Fascinating article! I was born and raised in San Antonio and never knew the origin story of Southwest. One of my friends from high school flies the airline anytime he goes home. He's probably a Super!

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