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This truly is a great inspirational article. Considering everything, I am a very unique skilled person who is exponentially over analytical and solve problems on a minute-ly basis, it is difficult for me to say what is not my passion but my problem solving superpower that helps others, because I take passion in helping others and problem solving in regards to anything and anyone. Sorry to say but I am left a bit confused as to what the answer is for me but ill continue to self reflect on my biggest success to see if there's any correlation to my so called OCD and overanalytical kind personality that sets me apart.

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Discovering your superpower can take time and a ton of self-reflection. We didn't find ours in a day, or even a year! When thinking about the problems you enjoy solving the most, can you rank them—even if you enjoy them all?

Another way to think about it: What problems do you solve that have the most impact on others?

Instead of looking at what you enjoy most, look at it how it affects others.

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I am sure there is Ted, take care and find your way 💜. Merry Christmas.

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Thank you. I've written and subsequently deleted so many other comments trying to convey the meaning. But those two words are really it. I absolutely love what you offer in these mini-books.

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Arrrr, appreciate those kind words Steven. And thank YOU for reading.

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I recently published an article “The Substack Authors’ Dilemma” in which I quoted from your recent (tweet / X post) that “Word of mouth was, is, and always will be the greatest form of marketing.” I’m commenting here because it was a re-read of Category Superpower that reminded me to present chatbot roleplay for authors through the lens of how it solves the authors’ dilemma (standing out without selling out) and curb my techie enthusiasm to rant about how it works. Just want to extend my thanks for the inspiration your writing provides.

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Thank you Keith. I’m definitely interested in learning more about the author’s dilemma.

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Hi Eric. Thanks for the note. Here's my post on the topic. https://www.chatbotroleplay.com/ I'm interested in how interactive storytelling can help authors connect with their audience through their fictional characters.

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Thanks for the awesome work, I’d be very interested in a part 2! 😉 Just a note:

Being disabled is about being at a disadvantage in the world as it’s currently designed. Writing disabled as “disabled” implies (however unintentionally) that the struggles disabled people have aren’t real pain points for an extremely underserved section of the population. Disability is an awesome place for Category Pirates to look for underserved markets and unanswered problems.

To put another way, disability as a weakness? F that. Disability as an opportunity? F yeah.

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We love this lens, Cathryn. And we agree, there's an awesome opportunity for Category Designers to make a difference by seeing disability as an opportunity.

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Dear Category Pirates,

Thank you for this post, and for your work in general. It's so... meaty. Or ale-y or something.

As I was reading, and before I got to the end, I was thinking about my particular "founder's fix"... I'm dyslexic with stong ADHD tendencies and moved to Austria where neurodiversity isn't something anyone here has heard of, and where the little awareness there is is attached to bucket loads of stigma.

Anyway, so I trained as a systemic coach and a dyslexia support professional and I'm now trying to bang on the doors of Fortress Corporate and see what might come out of that.

Where am I going with this?...

I see an interesting paradox here - I've not ended up with a category to myself (Austria's only Neurodiversity Coach) through some kind of strategic design. It happened by the twists and turns of life.


I feel like I'm trying to squeeze an enormous melon through some kind of business birth-canal. And I'm like... can I do this naturally? Do I need an epidural? Will I have to have a C-section.

Any thoughts, reflections and/or encouragement you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

(P.S. My neurodiversity work can be found here: www.neurodiversundstolz.com/home-en and I'm not sure if my substack will have much to do with it or not.)

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Arrrr, we feel you Sebastian.

Category design is not easy—Pirate Christopher will be the first to tell you that. No one had even heard of category design when he co-authored Play Bigger. And it's taken almost a decade for people to start to "get" it. There's still a long road ahead for the category of category design.

Sounds like you're a missionary (maybe out of necessity, likely out of wanting to help others like yourself and change the status quo). But stumbling into a category is one way to do it. Pirate Eddie sort of stumbled into his Superconsumer niche and needed help from others to define and refine it. It took years!

That said, it might help to read this mini-book on resilience: https://categorypirates.substack.com/p/radical-resilience-how-to-be-mission

Also, after checking out your website, make sure to focus on the problem you're solving for others. It's not about you and what you offer—it's about them and what they can get/learn/change. Your definition of neurodiversity is the start of framing the "problem" (although neurodiversity isn't a problem!). Then, you want to carve out your category POV to show why people need something different—and how you offer something different. Check out this mini-book for examples: https://categorypirates.substack.com/p/living-your-category-pov-why-founderceo

The work you're doing is awesome and inspiring.

Keep at it—we believe in you 🏴‍☠️

- Pirate Katrina

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Ahoy Pirate Katrina,

Wow - I mean yarrrr!

Thank you for such generous and swashbuckling response. I feel very supported and received. It’s good to hear that the emotional overlay of “Oh my god, no-one gets it!” is something that is shared by many. It makes me think of the difference between choosing something and being called - sometimes dragged kicking and screaming - into it.

I think Jung said, “We meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it.”

It’s very existential.

And thank you for the perspective on time - what you say really makes it clear that it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

The fact that you properly checked out my website is really meaningful to me. I will ponder this. I don’t think it’s something to find an easy fix for, but something to chew slowly.

And I have earmarked those two books! Very grateful to you!

Lots of warmth and rum to you!

Captain Sebastian

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Happy to help. And yes, it's definitely a marathon. But a worthwhile one!

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I feel that our superpower as a Different Few is to be together and support each other in discovering our individual superpowers and achieving legendary results.

Happy to be one of a Different Few.

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Thank you for this article. I’ve noticed that I have followed a lot of people on line because I like them and not necessarily because they deliver something of value. Maybe the value is that they are entertaining or I can relate to them. This article helps me to concentrate my focus on my customer and how my content can solve their problems.

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Thank you for this article; I am new to Category Pirates and still taking it all in. While I'm totally aligned with the article, I am stumped in finding my superpower. No intent here for feedback from folks that don't know me about how wonderful I must be...rather, I am truly stumped, so this will be a great exercise for me to reflect upon. Is it possible that my superpower is that I can't see my superpower? :) All jokes aside, I really do appreciate your work and look forward to learning more!

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